Versuri Rimfrost - Veraldar Nagli

Album: Rimfrost - Veraldar Nagli

We hit the north waves raging by the sea at night
Only one light is seen
resting on the blackest of skies
On a ocean of ice we lie
is this the end of our time
We are horizons left behind

A never ending blackness
a creeping freezing death
Our deeds of aggression
leaving the world of west our backs

And now the price we have to pay
Let it be done, let us walk our own way
Veraldar Nagli lead us through pain
Lead us through your gates
and set us under your reign
I obey!

Lightning stroke the sky
As the waves were running high
Immortal I stand in your presence
Through your paths are narrow
I find my gate in my essence
I walk the walk one last time
Like shadows from the past
Ancient rites set me free at heart

Veraldar Nagli you shine in your blaze
In slaughter and fire we worship thy name
Even after death we follow thy flame
Can you see my stand now walk me home
Hand in hand on the journey to my greater end...
Ashes to ashes bones to dust
My withering heart and soul to you I trust
Now show me the road as you lead me ahead
Find me peace and a place to land
Give me rest now while I'm dead

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