Versuri Ritual Of Odds - The Godfather

Album: Ritual Of Odds - Underverse

Run? Now you're mine!
I am the law, the only things you need to know.
Hide? There's no place.
I've got a million eyes watching over you.
Silent I stand,
A stare that watches straight inside your soul,
Now is the time,
I make you an offer you can't refuse!

My dreams are covered in blood,
My sanity is drifting away,
A kiss on the ring's a proof of respect,
As the wings of death
Sound closer...

I am the sin, I the retribution,
I only know one way,
I am the prey, I the hunter,
Obey the law of the gun!

Kneel before the familly ring,
Kiss it, show your loyality!
For years I rule cold city streets,
I'm an immortal crime god!

They wasted my love,
Wasted my brother,
Wasted my innocence,
Wasted their time...

And now before God,
I show my true power!
One by one,
They're entering their tomb!

Run? Now it's too late!
You met your doom. I stand on your grave!
Hide? Where would you?
I've got a million bullets waiting for you!

I make you an offer you can't refuse.
Remember me?
Michael is back!

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