In Two Minds (ver2) Chords - Riverside

This is the first tab I've ever done =)

Em             C
Another day of talking

           Em                     C
And I'm in two minds

Em                 C
I think I have to tell you

          G    A
I finally realised

Em                        C                     Em             C
I know you'll never really get inside of me

Em                  C
But I don't mean to hurt you

            G    A
Just let me disappear 

We used to like it

Used to be

        Em                 A
In the sunset time of our dream

Bm                       G
For all these things we cannot change

We cannot be

We cannot stay

But if you lose your faith

              Bm        D   A
Know that I am still your friend

And if the sky falls down

          Bm           D    A
Know that I will still support you.