Season Tab - Riverside


tuned full step down

Emadd9 [ch]Esus4[/ch] [ch]Cadd9[/ch]   [ch]G[/ch]   Cadd9m   [ch]D5[/ch]
   3     3     3     3     5      x   
   3     3     3     3     5      7
   0     2     0     o     x      x
   2     0     2     0     4      5
   2     0     3     2     5      7
   0     2     0     3     0      0

This riff is the one following the Cadd92 in the bridge. 
Listen to the song to get the rythm right.


Emadd9    [ch]Esus4[/ch]
is may crashing
    [ch]Cadd9[/ch]                [ch]G[/ch]
or did another year just pass me by
        Emadd9               [ch]Esus4[/ch]
another sun soaked season no snow in california
  [ch]Cadd9[/ch]                 [ch]G[/ch]
i need the cold to feel alive
Emadd9             [ch]Esus4[/ch]
yeah i love ya but i dont miss ya
[ch]Cadd9[/ch]                       [ch]G[/ch]
maybe this georgia rain isnt all that falls
Emadd9         [ch]Esus4[/ch]              [ch]Cadd9[/ch]
im not calling no its not me this time

[ch]Cadd9[/ch]                 [ch]Esus4[/ch]
if you can care while im around
then i swear to you
      [ch]Cadd9[/ch]            [ch]G[/ch]
these leafs will never hit the ground
[ch]Cadd9[/ch]              [ch]Esus4[/ch]
if you can love with out a sound
then i swear to you
my feet will never leave the ground
[ch]Cadd9[/ch]         [ch]Esus4[/ch]
i cant i love you its not the same
you always promised
           [ch]Cadd9[/ch]             [ch]G[/ch]
youd never swear swear to my name

Emadd9    [ch]Esus4[/ch]
am i falling
    [ch]Cadd9[/ch]                    [ch]G[/ch]
or did the years just say goodbye
        Emadd9               [ch]Esus4[/ch]
another rain washed reason no truth in california
  [ch]Cadd9[/ch]              [ch]G[/ch]
i need the clouds to hold me high
Emadd9             [ch]Esus4[/ch]
yeah i want ya but i dont need ya
[ch]Cadd9[/ch]                    [ch]G[/ch]
i know this georgia rain aint all that falls
Emadd9        [ch]Esus4[/ch]              [ch]Cadd9[/ch]
im not crying no its not me this time

[ch]Cadd9[/ch]           Cadd9m              [ch]D5[/ch]
im not leaving, not till summers singing my song
[ch]Cadd9[/ch]               Cadd9m    [ch]D5[/ch]
your not breathing, im so terrified
[ch]Cadd9[/ch]               [ch]Cadd9[/ch]            [ch]D5[/ch]
were not making it, no im not coming back around