Versuri Riverside - Volte-face

Album: Riverside - Second Life Syndrome

I have spent all my previous life
Waiting for something else to start
Now I see that I have felt so numb
To everything that passed me by
Need to go land on my own two feet
Need to change my life this way
Need to free my mind of memories
Watch them how they screw my brain
The time that has come
Convinced what I feel inside
In darkness I float
How far is the light?
Inside a fearland
Donat want you to know
Outside a fearless
I do want you to watch
Do you mind?
Would you step aside
Make way for me
Canat you see Iam dead set on doing this
Enough of dreamless nights
Enough of sleepless nights
Iam the way I am
Get out of my sight
You can put me in the lionas cage
You can take my soul
Give a second name
But I donat intend to stop my fight
And Iam not afraid

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