Versuri Rob Zombie - Die, Zombie, Die

Album: Rob Zombie - Rob Zombie Lyrics

What is it? what it is. what is it? dazzling, yea starving town, starving town, out of the cold, out of the cold |die, die, die!| moneyman
rumble. dreamtime maker. dressed to kill. crybaby keepe
Ture of the madness. lies very still. shadow bo xing motions a real believer. areal believer. look here, get it and go, look here. seduction in a new new world, seduction. into the fire |die, die, die!| cannibal collision american girl. suck in your gut. unlike before yea, unlike before, if you m urder. object of desire. now come and get it. get it! come get it! come. while I roustabout. brutalities inflictied. a rush across the room. while the city sleeps. I want to ask you. what's in store? fleshy jaws. now wait a minute.