Versuri Rob Zombie - Gentleman Junkie

Album: Rob Zombie - Rob Zombie Lyrics

What do you see when you look at me
I know what I see when I look at you
What do you see see when you close your eyes
Can you open your head and step inside

Sitting on top of a holy mountain
Swimming away in an acid fountain
Living inside a scorpio tree
How does it feel to be ~

Stuck inside a hollywood hallucination
Playing you role in a vinyl generation
Visions knocking you up and down
Trapped like a rat~cat town

Lights in the mirror reflects your face
White line skin leaves no trace
Hollow laughs from a demon clown
Where the hell were you bound

Where were you going on that ghost train
Did you see the wheels were moving in vain
How many times did that train run off the
Tracks how many knives did you pull from
Your back

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