Versuri Rob Zombie - Shack Of Hate

Album: Rob Zombie - Rob Zombie Lyrics

Ze wheels o' fire. a doubleman defier. a motor and i. regenerate I am. your final pompeii. o 'etched in acid. like a shack of hate. love
in the gut a downbeat ceasar. mother's holly roller. the
Ion-man. she a real. a real f**k invention. like mississippi sway'n. persasion. atomic. eat it. atomic. eat it. what is a man if not a he's a rebel rouser. yea mechanized death. this is what you need. las vegas loser. a f**k'n crazy horse. violent staisfaction switching the body. to a s hack of hate. automation. the skin buckles. this is what you need. a flesh surrender. cruxifiction burns. sex mutilation a dead diamond. this game is mine. atomic. eat it. atomic. eat it.

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