Versuri Rolling Stones - Please Go Home

Album: Rolling Stones - Rolling Stones Lyrics

Please go home
Please go home

Well maybe Im talkin to fast
But I wont be the first or the last
In the sea of the thousand you cast
Cmon please go home

I dont have to ask what you do
I just have to look to get you
Means nothing to me to get through
Please go home

I dont want to be on my own
Cause I cant talk much better alone
But I dont have to ring like a phone
Wont you please go home

Please go home
In some early part of your days
You were told of the devious ways
That you thought you could get without pay
Wont you please go home

You reach a state of your mind
Where its madness to look and to find
Your false affections so kind
Please go home
Wont you please go home

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