Versuri ROOT - Old Man

Album: ROOT - Kargeras

[Blackie / Big Boss]

Rodaxx, oh Rodaxx,
You mustn't fight with Dygon !
He'll laugh at your sword, He'll crush you with his

My advice seems menacing,
But only truth it tells,
Our nation is hesding for undoing,
And is past help.

The Stone dominates us all,
Vengeance is hidden in it,
Your fight is already lost.
There are no winners ! Nothing at all !

In the Black Stone from the thin air
That gave birth to Dygon
The power of thousands is concealed,
Of alien world's creatures.

Their strength knows, No boundaries,
Oh Rodaxx, it won't be a duel,
Oh Rodaxx, it won't be a duel,
Death is facin death here !

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