Versuri ROUGH SILK - Subway Angel's Caravan

Album: ROUGH SILK - Mephisto

Someday - time will tell - you will see
what a gift this life is - we
are meant to be

when we leave this world behind
the magic of the night
leads the naked and the blind
to the other side
of a dreamer's golden mind
and forevers burn so bright
turn around and you will find
another shinin' light

down on senseless avenue
all your fantasies come true
welcome home, my chosen few

when your hot gets a little cold
when your young gets a little old
your now gets a little then
subway angel's caravan

there's a seat that knows your name
when things have gone astray
and there's no one left to blame
'cause your friends all went away
i'm the reason you've denied
and the clown of life's decay

down on senseless avenue.....

"love rules" says the neon sign
"trust calls when your blood is wine..."

when your hot gets a little cold....

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