Versuri ROYAL HUNT - Flight

Album: ROYAL HUNT - Intervention

Eye's of the night, keepin' me right
Engine's roaring like hell
Wing on my side, shakes of the light
Ready to go - I can tell

You better sit upright or you'll fall down
No one's gonna help you miles around
There's no place for tears or fear of heights
Nothing- just the thunder of flight

Fly forever and try -
Cross over the sky-
Feelin' the wind blow.
Cry for losers who died
They're watching you fly-
Over the rainbow

Scary how fast you're down in the dust,
Watching the sign in the sky
Kill or get killed, glory and thrill
Waitin' for one who'll survive
I had a dream last night and I say you burn
Right on the edge of the point of no return
No more excuses and no more comin' back,
Light of the sun - it's turnin' black

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