Versuri ROYAL HUNT - Intervention

Album: ROYAL HUNT - The Watchers

[Full Version]

Would you believe if I said that all what you know is gone?
Nightmare, which you never thought could come out of your
It's done, I tell you
Purposeless rage came down from the skies
Counting the end of your world - open your eyes.

Fire is eating your house, erasing the word "tomorrow"
Time's standing still and your mind is about to explode of
pain and sorrow
Help less and weak you look at the skies.
Horror of capital crime's in front of your eyes.

Wishes and hopes in the mud, under their boots, are fading

Leaving you out in the cold - lost and alone, unwilling
making nightmares and fears
To something you feel - like they're real
Pieces of led for your life - it's part of the deal

Out in the rain, here I am, down on my knees for you, father
Tell me just what have we done one to another
Out in the rain, here I am, praying and begging you, father
Look what you're letting us do one to another

God, how can you let me see...
My eyes are tired of watching betrayal and lies
Up there, beware - we build the cross you were once forced
to bare.
Quiet and cold you look from the skies.
We are your tragic mistake - so open your eyes.

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