Versuri ROYAL HUNT - The Edge Of The World

Album: ROYAL HUNT - Eye Witness

Learned how to steal since that day - God, who knows?
Next scene : I shoot - cop's dead - boy, is THAT news...
"Big House" is waiting. You know how it goes -
sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.
Now I'm in pain - not a man, just a file,
biting my nails in the "Dance Hall" all day
Edge if the world's down that very last mile
where "Old Sparky" is waiting to fry me away

And now I'm standing on the edge of the world
Waving from the edge of the world
Look how I'm falling from the edge of the world
Screaming from the edge of the world
"I'm spilling my blood for my sins - or so it seems"

Talked to our priest, asked him - "Sell me your God
Is there a reward for being nailed to the cross?"
Son of the b***h kind of shrieks, than he laughed :
"If you'll make it to heaven, my son,
the pressure is off all the rest of us"
Killing is easy - I'm chained to my bed,
State pushed the button and murder's fulfilled
"It ain't no murder" - this old guard just said -
"good folks got murdered - white trash's just dead"

I'm waiting for you to decide on mercy or rage
Waiting - reaching out from the edge

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