Versuri ROYAL HUNT - Total Recall

Album: ROYAL HUNT - The Mission

[November 2005 - The Off Season]

We gave this pain to the world which we cant understand
Blood disappears like the raindrops when hitting the sand
Eye on the Bible and hand on the gun-wandering comes to an
Fight in the name of your god and his son-wait for the
final command:

Total Recall - we saw it all,we took it all protected by
the law
Total Recall -we torched another life well never know
Total Recall - we shot it all we burned it all and now its
time to go

Wish for redemtion and peaces never crossing our mind
Blood on the bricks - thats all that were leaving behind
Pictures of home disappearing in flames.Missions complete
In the end theres nothing to lose,were ready to go-
wait for the final command - "Total Recall".

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