Versuri ROYAL HUNT - U-Turn

Album: ROYAL HUNT - Intervention

Somebody told me I was dreaming
"You can forget about changing the rules
There is no simple way of living"
said liars and fools

Feels like I'm movin' round
in circles
'Coz any turn I make won't let me
get away
Would you beleive in happy endings
what ever thay say?

Every day, every night I'm still
searching for my ray of light
Day by day, night by night am I
closer, please, somebody tell me!

Last U-turn on the way to my dream
And I hope I can make it at last
Last U-turn and I'm ready to win
Learning heartache and pain
in the past

How many miles have I've been
How many years has passed
- it's very heavy load
Through neverending mindless
'Til the end of the road

They keep on calling me a dreamer
"You can forget about changing the
There is no honest way of living"
They're liars and fools

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