Versuri ROYAL HUNT - Wicked Lounge

Album: ROYAL HUNT - Eye Witness

Caviar and champagne, big golden rings and expensive cigars
Sweaty butts on a couch which cost as much as ticket to Mars
Phony smile... Those eyes as they pay unbelievable price
for the right to decide what to do - for me and you
House in France and a Benz -
you see, the whole world's right in their hands
Such a waste - Wicked Lounge's a happening place.
Balding guys - filthy rich and every one's such a son of a b***h
Country's sold, country's bought.
They're trading wars and can you tell me why not?
Write a check - or a pass? It's just as easy as scratching your a*s
What is right?What is wrong?
Pay the price and it won't take too long
to decide what is right thing to do - for me and you
Maybe this makes you sick
You see, the point is their wallet's too thick
Such a waste - Wicked Lounge's a remarkable place
Dearest God, please get pissed -
I'm sure that none of these jerks will be missed
Such a waste - Wicked Lounge's a wonderful place

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