Versuri Rudra - Ananda

Album: Rudra - Rudra

As you seek the pleasures in life
It slowly turns into pain
The titillating moments of joy
Torment you till the end

Can't stand the test of time?
The ways of the world are so sublime
The cycle of rise and falls
Makes you go out of line

Trying to satisfy this insatiable hunger
But all your attempts turn futile
The desire to know the beyond
That makes your life so profound

The apparent needs lose its nobility
The ecstasy you seek is your innate seed

If you want full control
Dive deep into your soul
Drown in the ocean of Ananda

No sense of time and space
Knowledge is now bestowed
Taste this divine nectar, Ananda

Feel the Bliss

Omkarananda, Paramananda

Feel the vibrations of the sacred syllable
Feel the transcendence of your inner nature

Beyond both pleasure and pain
Beyond Time and space
It is within and without
Lust after That

Brahmananda Feel the Bliss!
Vidyananda Feel the Bliss!
Omkarananda Feel the Bliss!
Paramananda Feel the Bliss!

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