Versuri Rudra - Atmavichara

Album: Rudra - The Aryan Crusade

"I am" therefore let the enquiry begin!
The Self is the object to be known
The knower too is non-separate from the self
So who am I? What am I?

All my knowledge fails to reveal what I am
My ignorance causes fear of the world and my mortality
I doubt my self-existence. Is it or is it not?
The enquiry is in knowing what I am not

Am I the body or am I the mind?
Pain, pleasure, sorrow, tranquillity
All of which arises in me
I witness them all standing apart from them!

Not the body nor the breath
Not the ego nor the mind

[solo - selvam]

In the waking I perceive the world
In the dream I create my world
In deep sleep, being blissfully ignorant
I destroy them all

[solo - selvam]

"Sthoola sookshma kaarana shariraad vyatiriktah
Panchakoshaatiitah san avasthaa trayasaakshi
Saccidaananda svaroopah san yastishthati sa aatmaa" [*]

[solo - selvam]

Not part of the universe but it in me
In me it is yet I am not in it
Creation, sustenance and dissolution
I cause them all!!!!!

The one supreme is the I, like the eye of the eye
Existent in every thought, in every word and in every deed
Not an isolated experience but the only experience
I exist, I am aware, I am, I am-.

Neither the body nor the breath!
Neither the ego nor the mind
All of which arises in me
I witness them all standing apart from them!

[* a verse from Tattva Bodha]

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