Versuri Rudra - Black

Album: Rudra - Rudra

You are ignorant of the truth and you have come to preach?
Insisting that your way is the way it should be seen
It is an exposition of opinions and it's the blind leading the blind
Faith and not blind faith
Realize and don't speculate
Save yourself before you save the rest
Cause your dogmas are going to drown you

Read between the lines to see the real doctrines

Save yourself from the clutches of blind teachers,
the charismatic Spiritual Architects
Be a slave to the truth and not the man
No one has power till you empower him (or her)
You instill fear into the hearts of the meek to induce faith
You choose what you want to hear and see to save your beliefs

You want your way, but I want both

In the absence of freedom, where is choice?
Without choice, your mind is enslaved
Don't you realize, the existence of one depends on another
And parts make the whole

You promise peace and harmony
But your dogmas make it an impossibility
If you can't see the unity in existence,
that doesn't mean it cannot be seen
Truth refracted by unqualified minds
Arousing emotions to enthral
And to entice into mental slavery;
Immaculate deception!
True wisdom is to directly perceive