Versuri Rudra - For the Dying

Album: Rudra - Rudra

This fear of death grips you as you approach your last hour
Can't take your possessions with you beyond

The anxiety kills you beforehand
The mystery of your destiny, the unseen land
Forget not, you mould your destiny
And that you are a child of Divinity

There's no Eternal Damnation
No flames can consume you
You are an immortal

Are you tired of this Samsara
The release is ever in front of you
So forget it not
Another birth, another life, another Death
On and on it goes till you're back home
Where you merge with that One

You won't burn in hell
Cease this fear
No flames can consume you
You are the eternal

[Solo: Alvin]

Past memories you will not remember
Could have died a thousand times before
Karma is taking you round and round
Destroy this impelling force

This life is full of pain
And you'll be back again
Attain freedom through faith
You know it's never too late

Faith defeats fear
Death is just the body's dissolution
Hell is just an illusion
Just seek your liberation