Versuri Rudra - God Of Delusion

Album: Rudra - Kurukshetra

The God of life has made you dead to wisdom
Your God of truth is all but a lie
The God of love has swon the seeds of Hate

Deaf to the cries of millions
What mercy does he know?
Time to destroy the illusive vile God and purifiy this world

It is our Armageddon now!
God will be judged for his crimes against humanity
I don't see god of peace, a god of War is all I see,
A god of wrath in reality, A father of cruelty and destroyer of Peace.
I have not killed you god but I have enslaved this Holy oxymoron

Destroyer of ancient civilizations.
Destroyer of Ancient faiths
Destroyer of Pagan traditions
What praise does he deserve!!

I hear the cries of millions
Wiped off the face of the earth
They did no crime for being what they were
Persecution is his game

Deluded and insecure
Narcissistic tribes under his wings of command,
His nature unknown to many
His existence defies logic and reason,
Cohorts of God hear me now!!! Destroy your master
Who has no existence except in your deluded minds

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