Versuri Rudra - Natural Born Ignorance

Album: Rudra - Brahmavidya: Transcendental I

"The idea of a thing where it does not really exist is what the wise call Adhyasa"

This Adhyasa is Avidya
Worshipping the creator whose existence is devoid of reason
This in itself is caused by the natural born Avidya

Fools worship the nameless and formless with a name
Who kill for pleasures in heaven, none has seen

In him passions are unquelled
He sees his lord separate from the world and himself
His beliefs sanctify his weakness of mind, he seeks a place free from
Limitations when what limits is his ignorance
By seeking the eternal he becomes an eternal sufferer

Psychos who self-create a playground for their inadequacy
Their halo of thorns fools many who become blind after gaining sight

It is the strong who can survive the temptation to do the lord's work
Those monuments we worship in blindness kill us every second

Itishvarac ca nryate srashtrtve paramatmani
Svamibhrtyadibhedopi nakhandaciti drshyate

In the name of your lord, the meek shall inherit the weak
In the name of your god, the strong shall become the meek
In the name of your almighty, grace becomes divine disgrace
For once in the name of your Self! Destroy this delusion!

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