Versuri RUINATION - Xura (The Land Of Pleasures Unattained)

Album: RUINATION - Xura

Look out to the hovering flock of the birds
Over the withering fields
They are dying and breeding again
Can't unleash out of wheel
Mad riot inside the rain its distress
Sickness of unconstraint
This rain is closing my eyes but its trace
Leaves me fleshless in space

Black like a dream of crow
So clear like a mountain source
b***h blizzard will burn up my face
Spreading ashes through infinite worlds

My fingerprints and my sight easy lie
On the surface of time
I can't resist but I can realize
New dimension of mine
I am the slave and the master in one
I'm enthroned and marooned
Dancing slowly inside sphere of glass
Laugh at suffer forget my own roots
(Dancing with my darling buried in dead blossoms)

I'll tear to pieces those birds
For inviting this autumn to me
For trespassing my mansion of clouds
Landing remedy for wound that bleeds

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