Versuri Ruiner - Convenient Gods

Album: Ruiner - Hell Is Empty

I am pride. I am discouragement.
Self loathing, but egotistical, an ignorant f**k.
An average heathen who just waits for their turn to speak.
Convinced in thinking they know when their end will be.

But I am s**t no different and no better.
Similar skin stretched over similar bone.
I want answers for coming days.
I want a reason for what was and what will be.
I try to look to no god, nor any man.
I see that a weakness at best.
But in our dire moments we need something to blame.
We turn to a light we will never see

You need me more than I need you.

I wish that was true, I wish that was true.

Faith is humanities answer for the fear they can not face.

A fear that we are with out purpose, that we are truly alone.

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