Versuri Ruiner - Dear Philadelphia

Album: Ruiner - I Heard These Dudes Are Assholes

Tonight I’m screaming those words that I wanna regret

How truly honest can one man be to only drop those subtle hints
but I was never that kind of person I always put it on the table
laid all my cards out smiling with a stupid f*****g grin.
Never faced the f*****g problem of not being trusted
because I never let a single story go untold,
feel free to judge me for what I have done it’s the reason I put it out.
I never wanted that colorful tapestry behind me
to go unnoticed allowing all to see how truly ugly I was or I can be

But I can’t take back a single action I made

No I can’t change the man I watched die

But you have heard all my stories

You made the right choice

You will never

Get f*****g burned

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