Versuri Ruiner - Meat

Album: Ruiner - Hell Is Empty

In a minute now I'll be feeling like a cold front cut through the room
You kindly wave I awkwardly smile not sure what to say
But it’s inevitable you bat yours eyes I crumble I always crumble
How are you you will say I exchange politely
Not again, no
I can’t do it I won’t do it Alright I’m so pathetic
No matter how far I distance myself
one glance you can pull me back in
In an instant my knees weaken my hands sweat and I begin to break
I'll give in when you pop the question your place or mine
How I wish I had the confidence to tell you I can’t be what you need
I can’t always be the skin that you wear
When you are cold at night
When no one else is there to make you alive
I know we are both one and the same.
But when it’s over the satisfactions gone
We will both just be stains on the sheets.