Versuri Ruiner - Six By Six

Album: Ruiner - I Heard These Dudes Are Assholes

And wait before you open your mouth.
When your advice was f*****g needed I was no where.
I was no where to be seen.
I have taking advice much less needed before,
but yours could of changed it all
it yours could have been worth the time.
You old fool; you thought you knew it all.
And for that I savor each day for that I am in your debt.

The greatest thing you ever said was to just be happy

No matter what the f*****g cost.

Now on that day I listened loud and clear
I heard every f*****g word

If not for bad luck I would have none
and some days I still feel like s**t

And when it rains it f*****g pours
and when it rains its f*****g pours
when it rains when it rains it f*****g pours.

And I'm digging ditches but I'm still smiling,
I'm still smiling I'm still

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