Versuri Rumour Has It - Captain Crunch And The Cereal Killers

Album: Rumour Has It - Take One For The Team

Calling you out, I'm not Calling Your Bluff
Well I guess time just ran out,
And our luck just ran short,
On and on I can't Forget, You Spread Lies like Your Legs
Let's start this over again...

Now here comes the part where you fall down
"Don't turn around till I say draw"

It's time to show them how,
We run this town,
We'll paint it red and never look back to; how we have grown
You should have known,
I think it's time you took me home...

You're so quick on the trigger but not on your heart,
So stand and deliver cause here it comes...
It's on and on I can't forget, you spread lies like your legs,
lets start this over again.

When it all comes down to how we've grown

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