Versuri Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Graveyard Vandalization

Album: Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Living For Death, Destroying The Rest

Smash them all!

You will be killed more, after you're f*****g dead,
You try to take what's mine, nail gun rips through your head
But that is not the end, overkill is coming fast
For the mistake you made, I pay a visit to your grave.

Now it's time to desecrate, spreading unholy hate,
Skeletons exhumed and raped, Vaseline so we don't chafe,
You will be skull f****d, then you will be sodomised,
So we enact revenge, 'cause it's not over when you die.

Sex with the skeletons, taking the rancid meat,
Rubbing into our eyes, this is where putrid lies,
You would be retching if you had the slightest clue,
What will happen to your corpses after you're dead and turning blue.

This is the way to get back at your enemies,
Dig up their graves, rip out their bones
Grind them to pieces, smoke the dust,
This is the graveyard vandalization,
Break down the gate, storm through the cemetery,
Make a mockery of their graves,
Smoke their spirits and souls,
Tombstone desecration, vandalization!

Break them we vandalize, smash them unholy eyes,
Dig up the exhumation, desecrate the holy ground,
Break out the mortar, pulverise decayed remains,
Roll up into a joint, inhale into our brains.

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