Versuri Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Sewers Of Doom (Dethroning The Tyrant Pt. 1)

Album: Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Living For Death, Destroying The Rest

Centuries of waiting doom, the prophecies are coming true,
A council gathered at his lair, the rites complete, the cult prepared,
War and misery shall reign, the tyrant comes to stake his claim,
Sacrifice the world of man, Soon all of this will become his land

Darkened kingdom no-one knows, Ready to slay with my harpoon,
I must get help before I go, Into the Sewers of Doom,
Darkened Kingdom no-one knows, Ready to slay with my harpoon,
I must get help before I go, into the Sewers of doom.

Apparent world of Anarchy, But subject to a Hierarchy,
His Royal Presence spreads disease
But blessings to the ones who will please,
Most were drawn into his brood, Unnatural form of servitude,
Broken shapes of human Kind, Writhing bodies, Twisted minds,

Fortress beneath the ground, worshipping heads are bowed,
Corrupted and devoted, all humanity eroded
I must break them of this spell
But must get help before I go to hell,
I cannot do this by myself, I must make a pact with evil.

Bow! Kneel! Pray! SERVE! RUN! HIDE! FLEE! DIE!

I know the one who will help me, A wretched villain from the sea,
A former foe of battles past, We'll hide the hatred that is left
I call on him to join me now, We will unite our force somehow,
Take a stand for what is right, With valiant power we will fight,

Escape blighted land where I was born,
I look upon your slaves with scorn,
I wonder if I'm the only one
Vermin they have all become
Escape as my kind continues to die,
I grab my spear and prepare to defy,
Must make my move before I'm dead
To kill the snake... cut off the head...

[Repeat *]