Versuri Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Spyborg

Album: Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Living For Death, Destroying The Rest

Going forward in reverse, Spyborg - mechanical insanity,
Backwards torso or backwards legs, Spyborg - technological lunacy,
Created by a dying ghost, Spyborg - robotic catastrophe,
Robot from a cemetery, Spyborg - light-speed circuitry.

Time travelling espionage isn't what we thought,
Futuristic reconnaissance from a backwards-legged robot.

I don't want you to kill them, Leave them all alive,
I don't want you to be seen, Because you are a robot spy.
Robot vision infrared, Laser Scanner in his head,
Backwards legs for super traction, Millisecond speed reaction

Eyes of lasers, backwards legs, this is not a test,
We have implemented the file, the soul that's in your chest,
The brain of a thief was harvested for mechanical undeath,
The graveyard's spectres toiled and slaved, constructed without rest.

The sorrow of living machinery, emotions clash with the circuitry
Riding on the light through the chasm of the dead, surfing on steel

The soul of a thief was harvested for mechanical undeath,
The graveyard's minions toiled and constructed without rest.
The ghost is resurrected from a criminal's black heart,
Cybernetic abomination implanted into his chest.

Abort the original plan, transmit a new command
Program the robot to fight,
Kill everything in sight!