Versuri Runemagick - The Call Of The Tombs

Album: Runemagick - Enter The Realm Of Death

I hear the call of tombs
They whisper my name at nights
Their bells tolls for my soul
Reap me away from the human light
Enter the gate of darkness
On the path of calling dreams
Enter the land of death
The hades dimension
The call of tombs
Death is freedom
I hear the call of death
Hades longing fo soul
My lungs take the last breath
Flesh decays as the journey begins
Enter the kingdom of no life
In the blackest abyss of eternity
Enter the realm of death
The hades dimension
The call of tombs, My final doom
The call of tombs, Death is freedom
Death you longing for me
I longing for you
Death you reap me away
I coming to you


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