Versuri Runemagick - The Secret Alliance

Album: Runemagick - Requiem Of The Apocalypse

[Music: N. Rudolfsson]
[Lyrics: N. Rudolfsson]

Paralysed by the druids magick
Soul on fire within frozen flesh
Captured in a statue of stone
But I feel the force I'm not alone

Like gods above the earth
Consuming the visions of the living
Watching the weak souls,
They are not one with the secret alliance

Metallic screams echoes in the mountains
To the sound of war and thunder
We slowly move over fields of death
Like giants in endless snow

Enter the realm beyond the mountains
A haven for the ones who seen the truth
Carefully the rites can begin
While cold winds tries to haunt within

The freezing enemies can't disturb
Nor the whispering slaves of god
Ear of the surrounding tries to understand
But the secret alliance rules again

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