Versuri RUNIC - Seed Of Unrest

Album: RUNIC - Awaiting The Sound Of The Unavoidable

Memories to forget
Raking up the past is far from good
Although I didn't feel guilt
So everybody else decided it

Who did you think you were
To find me guilty?
If you were who indulged me in dirty play,
In dirty laws.

You get me out of your holy way
Thinking that I couldn't come
Back to the fray.

Look at my wings
Burnt by race
I should forgive
But I can't forget.

Exiled into nowhere
I found the reason for my existence.
The time has come
To reap the fruits
Born by the tree of unrest.

Memories to remind.
Raking up the past has toughen me
And I'm sure that I won't feel guilt
When I can contemplate your filthy sons
Kneeling down to my feet.

Maybe I wasn't good enough
For your celestial hierarchy.
In fact, you were scared because you
Could be dethroned by me.

Punish those who don't do as I say.
Your omnipotence made the negative part
Control my will.
Now you and me are only one...
Now war is served.

Come here and pay your trespassess
It's too late for truces.
Come here. I'll be awaiting.
It's too late.

If I fall, you'll fall with me.

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