Versuri RUNIC - The Search

Album: RUNIC - Awaiting The Sound Of The Unavoidable

[Tribute to the barbarian Poledouris]

Up to the stars.
The search is directed
To the upper sky.
All what I learnt turn over
In my mind and
I need to find out what nobody
Couldn't explain.

Nothing won't make me forsake.
I am a lost drop of rain.
Floating away.
Trying to scape from the uncertaity sea
To reach the dry land.

Somebody said that the wisdom was in the words.
I replied him that the wisdom was in the
Triumphant warrior's sword

I'll die if it's carved like this
Over the destiny's stone
When the moment arrive.
It will be the time to solve...
The meaning of life.
The meaning is to crush the enemy.
Strenght. The meaning is the strenght.
To take revenge of those who died for me
To find the glory only worthy by the ones
Who got the Riddle of Steel...

Feel the pain in enemy's wound.
Look His Eyes, the fear absorbs him.
Search the Riddle of Steel

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