Versuri RUNNING WILD - Dr. Horror

Album: RUNNING WILD - The Brotherhood

War, termination's roar
Terminations roar on the battlefield
Soldier's trapped without a shield

Mordant air, carry death
Poisoning, choking breath

Massdestructive strategy
An evil plan of first degree
How perverse will be the end
We all will die by evil's hand

Sex, virus attacks
Virus attacks an soiling blood
Innocence, the evil's plague
Destructive generic code
'Tittytainments' overload


Dr. Horror, Dr. Horror, your heart's of blackest kind
Dr. Horror, Dr. Horror, the raw perverted mind
Dr. Horror, Dr. Horror, masskiller on the grind
Dr. Horror, Dr. Horror, a modern Frankenstein

What, what do you wanna be
What do you wanna be is a sordid slave
Obedient 'til the grave
The underling, the brain insane
Dying in the painful flame



[Pre & Chorus...]