Versuri RUNNING WILD - Poisoned Blood

Album: RUNNING WILD - Black Hand Inn

[Bonus track]

Slaves to money, bad to the bone
Blood is running through veins unknown
Mindless liars, stonedead souls,
Putting you straight into a hole
Virus soiled, your life's the toll

Covering up, their dirty deeds
No turning back, they're just bad seed

Poisoned blood, money slaves
Poisoned blood, young man's grave
Poisoned blood, selling death
Poisoned blood, so take your last breath

Hellbound killers, germs of death
Their wealth comes first, your life comes last
Hiv, the blood is pooled,
Money's prime, so greed has ruled
Your jaded body's the one who's fooled

Evil suppression, hiding the truth
No compassion, betraying the youth
Getting rich from the lies they've told
Selling your life rotten and bold
Pound for pound, you're measured in gold