Sabaton: 'the last of the crazy good shows we're gonna do on this tour' (interviu)

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Sabaton: 'the last of the crazy good shows we're gonna do on this tour' (interviu)

Suedezii de la Sabaton au revenit pe scena de la Arenele Romane cu un show mult asteptat de catre publicul romanesc! Alaturi de ei au urcat pe scena Accept cu al lor semizeu in ale chitarilor, Wolf Hoffmann, si suedezii plini de energie de la Twilight Force. Inainte de concert am avut ocazia de a-i pune cateva intrebari lui Par Sundstrom, basistul formatiei Sabaton. Acestea ne-a dezvaluit cateva detalii picante despre turneu si despre stadiul la care se afla formatia Sabaton in momentul actual.

MH: How is the tour going so far?

Par: We've been out for quite some time, we did first live a five-week (tour) and had a little break and now we are on the second one and about half-way though it and everything has been super-fine, everywhere we go people are happy and we get good reviews and a good fan reaction and we are having a lot of fun.

MH: And lots of sold-out concerts...

Par: That too. It'd the biggest tour and the biggest venues we've ever done, so we are really happy for that, so yeah, it's all going fine.

MH: How did the fans receive "The Last Stand"?

Par: On the new album I think that we've got only positive responses from everywhere and we are really thankful for that but we are always a little bit afraid when we make a new album how people would react but we feel comfortable with this one... but it's still a little bit "will they like it as much" something like that, but now we know for sure that fans appreciate it and one sign of that is that we play so many new songs when we perform live. We play a lot from the new album which is a good sign, many artists that go around they play mostly old stuff, but it's good when they want to hear your new stuff.

MH: Sabaton on tour with Accept sounds like a match made in heaven. Who came up with this brilliant idea?

Par: Somewhere in the beginning I guess it was my idea. I wanted a band like Accept and we were also talking to some bands similar, also classic bands, but Accept was the only one who could commit to such a long tour. This is quite interesting. We grew up listening to Accept, they started the band before I was even born, that's quite interesting, but they are a great inspiration to us all to see that they are still going strong after they've been around for such a long (time), so it gives us a good perspective to look at the bright future. An I this it's great, a lot of friends think it's a good combination, for Accept it's a lot of new fans because even though they were the inspiration for Sabaton when we were young, it's a fact that Sabaton is a bigger band these days, we will not always be, of course, but nowadays yes.

MH: What's the secret for all the sold-out shows?

Par: I guess Sabaton has a very realiable approach towards deffence. They know what to expect when we come, we are delivering good shows and we are continuously coming back with good shows and stuff, and we will be here quite a lot. Other bands skip Romania but we didn't do it, we decided to come here and we've been doing that for every tour so far.

How do you feel about playing in Romania again?

Par: I look forward to play tonight, especially a sold-out (show) on a saturday night, this has a potential to be a very good show. From here we are going north, back towards Sweden after this an we've got a few more stops but this has the potential to be the last of the crazy good shows we're gonna do on this tour. It has the potential for it.

Pozele de la concert pot fi vizualizate AICI.

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