Versuri Sabbat - I For An Eye

Album: Sabbat - History of a Time to Come

This tale I tell that all may see,
behind God's truth lurks treachery.

'Mine is the right to glory and light,
and you shall have heartache and pain,
yours must be Hell -
for in Heaven I'll dwell,
I care not for that earthly domain.'

'For crimes against divinity -
the loneliness of purgatory,
your kingdom rule - Humanity,
Mankind shall be your Hell.'

'Why have you done this to me -
tell me what is my crime,
I'm tried and convicted -
guilty the fate that is mine.
You say I'm a Devil -
then by Hell the Devil I'll be.'

'As aeons passed without cessation -
brewing hatred from damnation,
in darkness Satan waited -
laughed as God the Earth created,
and man in his own image made -
unaware that plans were laid,
'till from the dark eternal night -
a serpent crawled into the light.

And so from darkness a rage without measure -
burst spreading the cancer 'cross Eden,
corrupting and tempting and never relenting,
abusing man's newly found freedom.'

'Out of the abyss I come the avenger
shapeless and faceless - Yet I have a name,
I shall tighten my grip on your now flawed creation,
endeavour to show you the meaning of pain.'

'It soothes my heart,
to see you cry,
when I am done,
you will learn as I -
to suffer in Hell.'

'Impaled on the horns of a dilema -
it seems what were my nightmares,
are now naught but dreams,
for you who have riches know paradise well,
and I who have nothing am burning in Hell.'