Versuri Sacred Reich - Breakthrough

Album: Sacred Reich - Heal

What I see what can be
It makes me want to shut out the world
Or take it all of it
Take it in and keep it for myself

Cannot belive the powers to perceive
When all around things bring you down
Just have to shut, close up you eyes
Let the strength come up from inside

Feel it rising
Through you brain
A freight train

When I need to belive
I just have to convince myself

Anything you can see
Can become a reality

Will not get stuck in a rut

Refuse to let myself sink
Just have to move do not stand still
And let the chips fall where they will

Feel it rising
Through your brian

A freighttrain
Just let the feeling
Guide you
A breakthrough

Just open up do you like what you see
Can you accept who you are
Can you make strides to where you want to be
Don't be afraid

You must belive in yourself
Don't take any s**t from anyone else
You must realize your full potential
If you don't your wasting time

Self-Empowerment is what I'm saying
Don't let anyone make you a victim
With self confidence all is possible
Anything you want reachout and grab it