Versuri SACRILEGE (UK) - Equinox

Album: SACRILEGE (UK) - Turn Back Trilobite

The tide will turn as comes the day with sun.
The weak no more to fear the tyrants gun.
As phoenix rises from his charred burnt pain.
The carrion flight above this blood soaked plain.
The blind who see no fear in dark.
Shout to the deaf who ne'er did hark.
You'd give to us your stolen prize
No more we'll hear your twisted lies.
Too near the edge
We dare not look down.
See a tired mind
Come crashing to the ground.
Behind the mask
I see the naked flesh
The wounds are deep
And jagged as in death.
The river runs on down into the sea
This cleft so cruel that now is carved thru' me.

Look into my eyes, tell me what do you see?
Can you ever tell, what's inside of me?

We changed so much
Yet we really changed not at all.
They always said that pride
Would come before this fall.
We cannot give you what we do not possess.
Only the truth now, it's time for nothing less.

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