Versuri SACRILEGE (UK) - Into The Sea Of Tranquility (Parts 1-3)

Album: SACRILEGE (UK) - Turn Back Trilobite

And so between, these empty walls
So many tears, and closing doors.
The lines rehearsed, and rules laid down,
And yet we falter upon this ground.
So many cannot find the path
Why not? On this, such a beaten track.
The rain falls down, on shattered window pane.
The lies laid bare still not the answer plain.
Like pebbles worn by the sea so smooth
What does the proof, now really prove.
The point behind forever?s race
And that which gone now on lonely's face.
The smiles of those who have learned the truth
Whose lives now end, they travel soon.

Onto a place where thought is freed
In time and space, our minds may breathe.
Without the chains and bribes of hate
Our souls may fly without restraint.

If I come to you in pieces
If I arrive before my time.
Well, I pray that you'll still take me.
Take me into your endless rhyme.
If I come for there is no one
And there is no where else to go.
Well, I pray it's not the void
Into my lonely soul you'll throw.

And now into the darkness
And yet at last to see.
After the storm the dawn may leave
Our answer there to be.
Like shroud now wrapped about us
As mist on morning peak,
Our weary journey ended
Rising to final peace.
In the sea of tranquility, as begun we end.
In the sea of tranquility, tired souls, love will mend.

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