Versuri SACRILEGE (UK) - Key To Nirvana

Album: SACRILEGE (UK) - Turn Back Trilobite

Today the jackal left me
His grip is now released.
Freed from the cage
Where I pawed for the key.
The bars are through my heart
And lock is through my soul.
My mind was torn to shreds
As I sought to see.
As I stand at the door
The night is now far behind.
I shake with fear at the thought of its grasp.
The cold it touches me like its fingers of death.
It's now my own mind that stands in my path.

When tomorrow I'm strong
And my spirit is regained.
I will laugh
In its face
As it did in my mind.
But now before me lies,
My final task
To make use
Of this key
That now lies in my mind

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