Versuri SACRILEGE (UK) - Soul Search

Album: SACRILEGE (UK) - Turn Back Trilobite

The bleak rock face above us stands.
In the dusk it knows no fear.
The dark that seeps into our lives
Would penetrate not here.
Three score and ten this crooked stair
A mountain climb, till our sure death.
As climber who 'neath the chasm lies
Life for us, traps it does set.
Why always do I seem to have
This gun against my head?
It gets so very close sometimes
That I can almost taste its lead.
This love is far too strong now
See me crying blood instead of tears.
We've danced upon this battlefield
For far too many years.

Amongst this ordered chaos, I need to feel your love so deep.
Filling me with life's sweet music, inside pain can be sweet.
This star to touch is ours alone, one that can be true.
Given by our mother earth, a gift to me and you.

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