Versuri SAD THEORY - Soothing Memories

Album: SAD THEORY - A Madrigal Of Sorrow

[Lyrics: Carlos Machado / Athos Maia / Otvio Lanner]
[Dedicated to AnnaBel Lee's Lover ]

Pain soothes tears
And disposes love into tragedy
Nothing that comes before
Shows such alacrity
Not even the touch of your velvet skin

I feel confused
Distressed in nostalgia and jest
All that matters is pleasure and odium
Feigned into vanity and loss

Amuse me, dear suffering
Free me from cold remembrances that take me to her
Hold my hand once more, embrace me with your feathers

Bring me the theory of all sorrows
One more kiss, then I go...

All that is solid melts into air, even memories [M. Berman]

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