Versuri Sadist - Broken And Reborn

Album: Sadist - Season in Silence

I open my eyes and I see the miracle
I'm awake another day I can't stand
I have to live kill to live
I forget all the bad thoughts she's alive and never dies.
From a distance I smell your scent of survival
My nose walks through a thousand miles
Crossing the path among
the crystal branches trees and then
I climb the mountain where the wind
howls beyond the boundaries of evil.

Yesterday like a mother hugging a child,
tomorrow like a death worth a lifetime.

I follow your innocent steps
Like the one holding the rope tight
The paw deletes your desire
and treads strongly all the rest
All around deep and tight sounds
Of a broken and reborn branch.

I open my eyes and I see the miracle,
the time is near, there is no hope
to steps more left...I'm gonna see the light.
The time is near, my snout bites your flesh
your tears start weeping darkness rise...

Yesterday like a mother hugging a child
Tomorrow like a death worth a lifetime

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