Versuri SAINT VITUS - The Psychopath

Album: SAINT VITUS - Saint Vitus

Listen for the siren
Screaming loud and bright
The neighborhood asylum
Reports escape tonight
Look around the corner
Behind every bush
Your sanity is thin now
Just needs a little push

Watch out beware
The psychopath is loose
Hold on tighter
The psychopath is you

Hordes of screaming mad men
Rushing to your side
They say they'll give you glory
But all they do is lie
L.S.D. was given
It's a wonder they can walk,
Talk or even see

Everywhere there's people
Which one can he be
They say he looks unusual
They say he looks like me
Feel the icy fingers
Tighten 'round your neck
Whirl around in horror
No body's there yet

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