Versuri Saint - Crime Scene Earth

Album: Saint - Crime Scene Earth

Let's begin and tell the story from the first
When Adam took the deadly bite
That began the curse
Now the yoke of sin and hate
Lurking at the door
With one mans sin we shall die
The sacrifices pour

Crime scene Earth
See the cattails ripping off His flesh
Crime scene earth
Where the nails were pound and His side was pierced
Crime scene earth
Hear His innocent blood scream forgive
Crime scene earth

The prophecies of ancient days
Have now been complete
The veil has ripped the serpent crushed
Pummeled in defeat
On a cross of shame he hanged
A sore for eyes to see
A sacrifice of love to man
And in the Son you're free

If the devil only knew His cross would break the curse
He would have fled 10,000 miles instead he gave his worst

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