Versuri Saint - Destroyers Of The World

Album: Saint - Times End

Well you can step right up you ladies and gents
You'll get a front row seat without paying a cent
It's the signs of the tine and the writing on the wall
Tell of innocent bloodshed and the things that will befall

Don't miss the end of the world
It's the greatest show on earth
Most everybody's got their tickets
And they'll really get their moneys worth

"Destroyers, destroyers of the world"

Rumors of war and of drastic changing weather
Earthquakes and famine reign on the earth forever
Prophets of old and their warnings to the earth
Telling all mankind boldly every since its birth

Men of the planet lust for death and power,
Nuclear warfare wills the final hour,
If you live by the sword and hasten its wrath,
Then you'll die by the sword and feel it thrash

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